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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In The Image of God...

So I read a lot. There are others that read much more than I, but I think I read quite a bit. So the book I'm in the middle of is Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll & Gary Breshears. Usually I try to read a chapter in a day or two, but with this book I am going much slower. It's one of those book that is so packed with good/great stuff that I need to plan to read it through once and then go back and re-read it with my highlighter.

This morning while I was reading I came across a paragraph that stopped me in my tracks. I'm in chapter 4 where they speak of humans being created in the image of God. Driscoll & Breshears unpack it very well and then wham I got smacked upside the head. They have just being talking about the implications of being created in the image of God as being both personal and communal, "Furthermore, image is both personal and communal. By personal, we mean that we as individual worshipers must continually ask whether we are good reflections of our God. By communal, we mean that churches, families, and Christian communities must continually ask whether they are good reflections of God to one another and the world." 

So I have to ask myself and you who consider yourselves a follower of Christ, "Are we as individuals, and communal as churches and families being a good reflection of God to one another and the world?"

If so, great, keep at it. If not, what is keeping you or your church from being the image bearers of God?

In pondering thought,

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MelinaLawson said...

That is good to think about - and, sadly, I think we often do not reflect God's image well. But realizing this is the first step toward change!