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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good or not so good Friday...

It's Good Friday, but many ask, "What's so 'Good' about it?" I have to admit I was one that didn't understand why this day was called, "Good". Jesus was tortured and killed, what is so good about that?

God made it Good Friday for you and me. Let's be honest, it wasn't good for Jesus, his mom or even his disciples. I can't imagine what it would be like to see my child tortured to death. I would have a hard time looking back and calling that day good.

But this day is good, not for what Jesus had to go through, but rather for what Jesus did for all of us. "He was crushed for our sins," Isaiah 53:5. His death made the way for us to connect with God.

Thank goodness God made a way. Can you imagine if He left it up to us to figure it out how to connect with Him. I can barely figure out what clothes to wear, let alone how to connect with the Creator of the universe. It's "Good" because as the preacher once said, "Sunday is a comin!"

Good Friday is good because it is where Jesus said, "It is finished!" He didn't say is was almost done, but rather, "IT IS FINISHED!" Everything was defeated on Friday, but Sunday is a comin' and death has no more sting. Praise God.

Pastor Scott

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Genesis Weekend @ Simpson University

We had a great time at Simpson University's Genesis Weekend. It was a good time to be on a college campus and to get a glimpse of what college life might be like. My prayer is that God would continue to guide these students down paths that He desires.

Edgar (from LA), Johnny, Miriam, Sam, Taynyn & Mollie

A little look at the campus

Simpson's clock tower

The gang getting ready for chapel

Just a cool shot. Isn't God's creation awesome?

Getting Creative w/the camera

The pictures here are the work of Sam Richards, Mollie Farkac and myself. It is a blast teaching teens about the wonderful world of photography. May God continue to show you His creation.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome Adama...

We are welcoming Adama Bamogo into our youth group. Adama is the child we are sponsoring through Compassion International.

Adama lives with his mom, dad and two siblings. Mom and dad are sometimes employed as laborers in the area they live.

Adama is not presently in school. He loves to play soccer and anything else that is active. He does attend a local church where he goes to Bible class and youth group.

We will be collecting $40 a month to support Adama and AIDs research. If everyone that comes during a month gives just $1 we will be able to meet this goal. Let's join together and change a life.