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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Bible is Scary??? Part One Half...

Okay, alright already. I have gotten a lot of good suggestions for some explanation, mostly from Facebook. I have been working on a few of them and look forward to sharing my thoughts. I have been swamped since The Bible Is Scary post and most of the questions need more than an off the top of my head type of answer.

So for a fill in I am answering another persons question that has nothing to do with the topic The Bible Is Scary. The question is, "Why do you have music on your blog?" They were asking because they would scroll through some of the writings but not be able to listen to the whole song. It's a simple answer, just leave the blog page up and listen to music. That's what I do most of my days. I love music, especially worship music. So I just pull up my blog page and listen to the music. Most the time I'm at work, some times we pull up the page to listen while we make and eat dinner. So, there you go, that's why I have music on my blog.

Sorry that I'm not answering the bigger questions yet, but hang on they're coming.

In Christ,
Pastor Scott