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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Ready For Christmas Part II (Church Style)

Thanks to everyone who helped dress up the Youth Building. It looks great and will taste great too. See you all this week for our Gift Exchange.

This is what the Grinch would look like if he were a Gingerbread Man.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting Ready For Christmas...

Well, we are getting ready for Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas, not Happy Holiday's or Merry X-Mas. Christmas is to celebrate the birth our Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah , our Savior. It is a fun time of year, but it also has it's stresses. If we can continue to focus on celebrating the birth of Jesus then the other crude seems to disappear. Jesus left the comforts of heaven to live on this earth. Did you hear that, he left the comforts of heaven. He left perfection to join us in our imperfect world, full of struggles, pain and sin. Why would he do this? Of course we can go to the pat answer, because he loves us so much. While this is true, do we fully understand that. HE LEFT PERFECTION TO LIVE AMONGST OUR MUCK AND MIRE BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU! Don't forget that during this crazy time of year. While your stressing about finishing school work or shopping please, I beg you, remember God so loves you.

Here are a few pics of the family getting ready for Christmas.

Here we are getting ready to go get our Christmas tree.

Here we are making a few snowmen from mommy's Coffee Mate containers.

If you look very closely, you will notice our very own Christmas mouse. Since the flooding he is trying to join our family. He won't be around for much longer (4-5 days according to the box).
Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!