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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I just about messed my shorts...

Okay, so I am back to running and I must admit it feels great. But this last Monday I had the poop scared out of me while on my morning jog. I had been awake since 3:30am and could never fall back to sleep, so after watching Sportscenter and the news I get ready for my run. I head out of the house around 6am. It is still dark outside, but that has never bothered me, less cars, less distractions. As I run out of the neighborhoods, past Makayla’s school and a couple of churches I head out to the farm lands that surround Dallas.

There is a field that had been recently plowed that buts up to the road that I am running on. I notice something dark in the field but very close to the road, but since it is still dark I don’t give much notice to it. I’ve got the music pumping and my mind is in some far of thought. When I get to about fifteen feet of this dark something I think I see something move and I try focus on this dark something.

Now, I am not a small man, nor am I a stealth runner, but this object which is gaining my attention still hasn’t moved much, if at all. Now, I am maybe ten feet from this something when it explodes into movement. At this I think I did poop my pants. I realize that this dark object in not one object, but rather three coyotes having their morning road kill. Every hair on my body stood on end. Here is where I begin to get a little spooked.

The coyotes never left their morning meal out of their sight. They may have stepped back 15-20 feet and as I passed their breakfast I could see them coming back. We’re they thinking, “There goes an after breakfast snack?” I was praying hard and I could help look back over my shoulder. It became apparent the coyotes were not interested in me I was able to begin to focus on the road ahead, but I have to admit, I was distracted. Remember, it is still dark out and there are still many shadows that now seem to be lurking danger.

This is how life is much of the time. We have a goal, for me it was a morning run, but many times it could be something to do with your job, your education or your family. You’re energized by moving toward that goal, but you can’t truly see what is ahead of you, but you continue on. Then no matter what you’re going after trouble comes up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a person of faith or totally against any religious beliefs, something goes wrong or trials come up.

That is when the rubber meets the road. When those trials arise do you stop what you are doing on go back to where you came? Do you continue to go forward, but still look back over our shoulder? Do you continue to go forward, but are scared of every thing that could be the next scary trial? Or do you let the past be just that, the past? Do you acknowledge what happen, regroup from the situation and then just plow forward?

I must admit, I continued to move forward, but was nervous about every shadow that was lurking in front of me. It is amazing the power of fear, but the Bible tells us to, “Fear not.” I think many of us let fear control our dreams and the passions God has placed on our lives. I beg you; I implore you, don’t give in to fear. We were created to live free of fear, free from the cages that bind us. Let God reign and live the life He created you to live.

Pastor Scott

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Youth Group Kick Off...

We had a great kick 0ff. We started out with a slip and slide waterballoon toss, then headed to the marshmallow in your mouth for 2 minutes spit and catch and ended back at the slip and slide crazy run. It was a lot of fun, but I was a bit disapointed, no one puked or got bloody. Oh, well you can't win'em all. I am so excited for this new school year. I pray that God totally invades these students lives.

Happy Birthday Ladies...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dyin'...

This is going to seem like much to many of you, but today was a huge day for me. I went for a run that was a little of two miles. Please hold your applause. I know that is not much, especially with how much I love to run or at least did love to run. It has been a little over a year since I had my back surgery. For those that don't know, I went to bed fine and woke up not being able to move my leg very well. My right leg became numb and stiff. The worst part about it was not being able to point to anything as the cause. After about a month and a half I did have surgery and was able to move pretty good after that. There has only been one thing still wrong, my right leg is numb. It is the strangest thing, I've got strength in it, I've got some flexibility in it, but it feels likes it is asleep.

Well about two weeks ago Kim and made a decision to get back at to eating right and exercising. We have an elliptical that has gotten some use, but whenever I have exercised my right leg would feel like it was on the verge of cramping for a couple of days. So two weeks ago I tried something very difficult, I got on the elliptical and went slow, very slow. I did this for a couple of days and then I started increasing the pace and length of time. I have been very nervous about this, but had to make a decision, "Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'!"

After a couple of weeks of increasing distance and pace I began to get an ache to go for a run. I have missed the cold air in my lungs and seeing the early sunlight. But like I said, I've been afraid of something happening to my back or leg and that fear has kept me down. But no longer!!! So, I went for my first run, numb leg and all. I am sore, but it felt good.

Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'

Our faith walk is much the same way. This past weekend I got to preach from the book of Matthew 9:1-8. It's the story of Jesus healing a paralytic. I always learn something new and challenging when I read through the Bible (I love that about God's Word). This sermon spoke to my condition very strongly and I had to put it into practice. I learned four main points from the passage.

1) We must Take Heart! This is easier said than done, but we have to stop our worrying and let God be in control. Jesus tells the paralytic, "Take heart, son." It is as if he is trying to calm him down and reassure him that everything is going to be okay.

2) We must Confront Our Skeptics! There were teachers of the Law there to see Jesus forgive the sins of this paralytic. Only God can forgive sins and this man Jesus was telling this guy his sins are forgiven. That was creating an equality with God that a Jew couldn't take. If you stated you were equal to God that was punishable by death. But Jesus didn't ignore these teachers. He confronted them. He didn't correct their theology about sin, he did correct them about who he was. All too often when we face our skeptics we do it in a defensive way or with a holier than thou attitude. This only defeats the purpose. Yes we must confront them, but do so with the right heart.

3) We must Get Up And Walk! Yes, we have to move forward. Jesus didn't just leave the paralytic on his mat. He made sure there was no question about his authority to forgive sins. Jesus calls us to also get up and walk. This faith journey in not one of convenience, but rather it is living and breathing inside of us. This journey calls us to walk and in some cases run.

4) We must Stand In Awe And Praise God! I forget to do this one sometimes. God is in control and it is Him who should receive our highest praise. Not just when good things happen, but in all things. Do you realize as you are reading this, you are spinning at over 1000 mph, and not only that but we are also circling a big ball of plasma at over 68,000 mph. And all too often we think its just another day. Holy Cow, we have to wake up and see how incredible God is and what he has done in creation. We have to slow down so me can stand in awe of what He has done and praise Him.

Well, like I said, I needed to take my own words to heart. So this morning I woke up about 5:30am (on my own, no alarm clocks). I had to take heart and realize God is in control and that includes my back. I had to face my skeptics and in this case it was myself. I got up and walk, no I ran. And finally during my run I was able to look around and be in awe of what God did in his creation and that make me want to sing.

How about you? Is there anything that has been on your heart to get back to or to get started. Don't hold that inside, get busy living so that God may be praised.

Blessings in your journey,
Pastor Scott