I'm just a man seeking God's face...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paradoxes of a Man of God...

As life continues to bob and weave my attempts to nail it down, I am brought back to reality. Life is not meant to be nailed down and figured out. God calls us to obedience, which at times is hard for me, and I'm assuming you, because we all want our own ways and desires. Today I was very glad to be reminded of my favorite poem. It is from an unknown author, at in my feeble attempts have been unable to find the author, and it is named Paradoxes of a Man of God.  I hope you enjoy and my prayer is that we all can begin to live in this way.

Strong enough to be weak;
Successful enough to fail;
Busy enough to take time;
Assured enough to cry;
Leading enough to serve;
Serious enough to laugh;
Rich enough to be poor;
Victorious enough to lose;
Important enough to be last;
Loving enough to be angry;
Wise enough to say I don’t know;
Right enough to say “I am wrong”;
Compassionate enough to discipline;
Conservative enough to give freely;
Mature enough to be childlike;
Righteous enough to be a sinner;
Courageous enough to fear God;
Planned enough to be spontaneous;
Controlled enough to be flexible;
Free enough to endure captivity;
Knowledgeable enough to ask questions;
Great enough to be anonymous;
Responsible enough to play;
Industrious enough to relax.

May God continue to change us and challenge us.

Pastor Scott