I'm just a man seeking God's face...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Father, please forgive me...

Father, please forgive me for I have sinned. I have not blogged in many months. There are many reasons I could give for my lack of writing, but I call on you Father to look past my faults and lack of focus.

Any who, hope you all are doing well. We are about to enter into a new year and somewhere on my list of to do's in 2009 is to blog more frequently. I had an idea to create "After Thoughts". Since we have been studying character during our mid-week youth ministry I thought I could shoot down quick "after thoughts" shortly after all the teens have gone. I'm kinda excited about this idea and hope it gives me a bit more accountability to blog more.

Other than that, I was reflecting on 2008. I have several highlights. Last January I performed my first wedding (thanks Andy & Erin), in June I got to baptize 5 teens during our mission trip to Cibecue, Arizona, in August had a great family vacation with the Meyer's and McKee's on the Oregon coast, in September I began running again (after a year off since back surgery), celebrated lucky number 13 years of marriage, and totally revamped our youth ministry.

This has been a huge year and like always I thank God for what He has done. As we head into 2009 I encourage you to seek God more and more. His ways are incredible and will bring peace and understanding into your lives.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve.

Pastor Scott